Monday, 14 March 2011

I Met a Girl

I'm convinced that pretty much every song ever written is a love song. They might not all be about romantic feelings for a particular individual, but most songs involve loving something; sex, money, a sports team, autotune.

And while it might sound obvious to say, I still think that pretty much all of the most powerful pieces ever written are about romantic love. Whether that be the expression of love for a partner of fifty years, the giddy excitement of a young love, or the painful and often bitter memories of a lost love or broken relationship.

Yet I also think it's true to say that love often means different things to different people. These days, love can mean everything and nothing, and there are some who don't even believe that love exists, let alone that it can last a lifetime.

This is a piece written about the process of thinking you might be falling in love, and all the things that made me feel as I thought about living in a world that in many ways doesn't seem to believe in love any more.


  1. Hi Rael, could you post the words of this?

  2. amazing words <3
    I found this right when I really needed to so thank you...
    I just wish more guys felt this way,